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  • I commute to school at EMU so I just started getting a taste of Ypsilanti dispensaries, of which I've tried a few now. After these experiences, Herbal Solutions is at the top of my Ypsi list right now. Easy to find and accessible, the decor is nice and they have two waiting rooms, outside and inside for the patients. The bud rooms are cool as you examine your medicine at desks sitting in chairs, an experience shared by no other dispensary in the area. It's very comfortable and personal feeling. The budtenders seems to know their stuff and donations are on the fair side. The medicine itself is very, very good. Some buds aren't very tight but even the loose ones are just as good. The also run frequent sales on some strains already on the menu (instead of schwag being passed off as "special"). Decent variety of strains and they stay on top of their menu in WeedMaps which makes all the difference for me. Two Thumbs-up!

    MenacingVitamin - Review from
    Herbal Solutions Member
  • This is definitely one of my top 5 places to go. Bud quality is always excellent, the staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Prices are fair.

    GaToRxxx420 - Review from
    Herbal Solutions Member
  • Best dispensary around hands down. I have been coming to Herbal Solutions for 2 years now and they never fail to amaze me. Bud quality is always A+, their menu is updated multiple times a day and they test many of their strains. Which a lot of them are above 20% THC. Donation amount is always fair and never a surprise. Daily specials are always amazing and not just lower quality meds passed off for cheap, they are always right on par with everything else on the table at the moment. I never have to wait here, service is quick, friendly and never rushed. Bud tenders are always willing to explain and discuss the different medications and what would be best for your condition. Free Parking and an ATM are right across the street which is amazing for being downtown Ypsi. These guys also have a nice selection of pipes, including ones to consume the concentrates with. If you haven't checked these guys out yet then do so!

    SativaGrows - Review from
    Herbal Solutions Member
  • Great establishment with great people and great meds! If you know your strains and what you like/need, you will never be disappointed. I have been a regular here for quite some time and have no reason to go elsewhere. I have noticed consistent quality of flowers over the time I have been going here and I'm ALWAYS in and out within 5 minutes! Best prices/product around in my opinion. You can get top shelf here for about $10 less than other places in the area. Keep up the good work Herbal Solutions!

    Toasterboy - Review from
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