Are You Legal?

You need to ask yourself "am I compliant and legal?" As patients and even caregivers, we need to keep up with the changes in the law.The MMMA can work for us, but we MUST know it and be able to interpret the laws so that we understand it and are abiding by them. This blog will provide you with simple links to contact your legislators and stay informed on what is going on with changes you need to know about. Herbal Solutions is here to help patients understand and comply with the current law

First make sure you are registered to vote. Ongoing contact with your political decision makers is critical to having a voice in the ongoing changes to the MMMA. Telling the legislators that you are a patient/caregiver AND that you vote is an important way to make your voice heard.

One of the changes that everyone needs to understand and comply with concerns the transportation of your medicine after you leave our dispensary. Public Act 460 states that medical marijuana must be enclosed in a case that is carried in the trunk of the vehicle. If the vehicle has no trunk, then the marijuana must be enclosed in a case that is not readily accessible from the interior of the vehicle. So, medicine needs to be stored somewhere that you cannot access.  The best thing you can do, regardless of if your medicine is in your trunk or not, is to get a lock box. Come into Herbal Solutions with your lock box and leave with them secured inside of the box. It is as simple as that! 

Although this may seem to be a burden on some patients, following it will keep you legal and help convince the public and the legislators that we are law abiding citizens. If we continuously present the reality of a medical marihuana patient also being a legal, law abiding citizen, we can convince others--leading to broader acceptance of the MMMA.

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